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(UPL-01) Unipix Smart Pull

Product Summary

Pulling electrodes has never been so simple

  • Mechanical motion controlled by DC motor
  • Unique electrode clamp
  • Heating furnace with platinum iridium filament
  • Standard programs & user defined programs
  • 4.3 inch touch screen
  • User specific user interface Pulling parameters are stored in non-volatile memory
  • Remote control and programmability

Based on cutting-edge technology, this affordable microelectrode puller provides many advantages and sets new quality levels in microelectrode preparation.

Designed with a touch screen interface, selection of the pulling sequence of choice is both fast and easy. The UniPix Smart Pull will even remember your favorite parameters and you can design your own pulling sequence or program specific tasks using BLE connectivity.

Based on their long-standing experience with the design of high quality electrode pullers, UniPix's engineers paid close attention to controlling the puller's displacement and force characteristics, and to managing temperature control of the heating filament.

Microcontroller based puller

The Smart Pull uses the latest generation microcontrollers for motion control and for managing the heating furnace, which can accept up to 30 A in the platinum-iridium filament.

Stable and reproducible conditions for the pipette fabrication

Special attention was placed for the design of the filament, its enclosure with mechanical and thermal protection and durability.

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