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Catalog Downloads

Warner catalog and product brochures are available for offline viewing
and are also available on each product page

(Requires Acrobat Reader)


Warner Full-line Catalog12170kThe complete Warner catalog. Last released 2011.
Imaging and Recording Chambers3630kThe Imaging and Recording Chambers section from our 2011 catalog.
Perfusion/Microfluidics1750kThe Perfusion amd Microfluidics section from our 2011 catalog.
Temperature Control1380kThe Temperature Control section from our 2011 catalog.
Microincubation1220kThe Microincubation section from our 2011 catalog.
Electrophysiology2420kThe Electrophysiology Equipment section from our 2011 catalog.
Cell Biology3030kThe Cell Biology Tools section from our 2011 catalog.
Microscopy1170kThe Microscopy section from our 2011 catalog.
Biosensing1340kThe Biosensing section from our 2011 catalog.

Brochures and Guides

Planar Lipid Bilayer Workstation Brochure3305kThe most recent release of the complete Planar Lipid Bilayer Workstation Guide.
Warner's Guide to Ussing Guide1520kWarner's ussing systems guidebook.
Warner's 2017 Electrophysiology and Live Cell Imaging Brouchure1796kA curated collection of Warner and Heka products for ehpys and live cell imaging applications.
Microelectrode Holders Brochure669kThis 2003 brochure features our line of microelectrode and micropipette holders, capillary glass tubing, reference and Ag/AgCl electrodes and accessories.